Travel articles and travel blogs

Travel articles and blogs

Having written hundreds of travel articles and blogs, I appreciate the nature of this industry, the many thousands of travel blogs that already exist, flooding the internet.  From my perspective, travel writing should convey an experience, hence the importance of creating unique, inspiring and storytelling content.   The crux of travel writing is to inform, inspire and produce an emotional response from the reader.

From wine tasting in Tuscany to luxury pampering spas in Thailand, blogging about travel is no easy feat, especially with the level of actively travelling writers already out there saturating the web with content on these particular subjects. Travel and food writing is particularly challenging even more so when you do not wander far yourself!

However, it was impossible to turn down an exciting opportunity to write for an extensive online travel and food magazine. I jumped at the chance for the simple reason I love to read about travel and food and bravely tasked myself to create unique content about faraway places and unusual cuisine and to do all this from the comfort of my own office.

My role with the magazine involved a great deal of research about various countries, exciting tourist destinations, hotels and food excursions, including the famous American XXXL Sasquatch Burger eating challenge. After writing over 50 articles for my client, I consider myself a travel and food expert!

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