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There are no secrets, only hard work, some good ideas and lots of good coffee

Like most hard-working folk, I recently admitted that I do sometimes feel overwhelmed by my job. Not only the fear of criticism and, worse still, rejection, but also that crippling terror that many writers experience at some stage of their career; writer’s block. Allow me to let you into my little secret of how I managed to overcome my fears. Your Gibraltar Copywriter is on top form, and you can rest assured that any creation stemming from my fingertips will fill you with such joy that you need never worry about your business suffering from lame content. (No business should ever worry about lame content.)

One of the most iconic writers, and my personal favourite, Ernest Hemingway, once said:

“It’s none of their business that you have to learn how to write. Let them think you were born that way.”

Perhaps not quite accurate, most of the greats, including Hemingway, took to writing like ducks to water. Most of us have to work damn hard at it, I included. Here are my three steps to successfully overcoming nerves.

Shuffle off that mortal coil

Firstly, discard any deadwood. For a couple of years, my life had been suffering from admin issues. Not my admin, but admin for a marketing company for life insurance leads. When I decided that the time had come to remove this monotonous weight from my shoulders, I suddenly felt completely unlocked. My mind is a creative machine, and running around filing papers, discussing Google Ads campaigns and reconciling accounts is not beneficial to such a creative individual. Now I have time on my hands and time, when creating amazing content for businesses and organisations, is crucial. One of my favourite entrepreneurs is Coco Chanel, and this inspiring quote from her sums up this point: 

“There is no time for cut-and-dried monotony. There is time for work. And time for love. That leaves no other time.” 

In other words, we only need time for those essentials aspects of life – work and love and it helps a great deal if these two important aspects complement each other winsomely.

Fortunately, I now have the extravagance of a leisurely morning project planning. An early morning start is my favourite slot, after a good night’s sleep. Firing up the coffee maker, settling down to in-depth research, of the subject matter and other nuances. Getting the desired tone of voice and checking out the competition to ensure my client gets, not only much-improved content but also content that is 100% unique, grammatically correct and free from errors. Once those first words are down on paper, the rest tends to flow, primarily due to the removal of superfluous external mind blocking interruptions.

Having an extra proofreader on my team has helped enormously.

Secondly, I have the luxury of a hard-hitting perfectionist proofreader. A multifaceted individual whom I trust impeccably to

  1. highlight any silly schoolboy errors,
  2. make helpful suggestions to a theme or a subject,
  3. provide constructive criticism if I am way off the mark.

To date, this relationship has worked totally to my benefit without too many meltdowns. Nevertheless, the indulgence of a proofreader on my team gives me increased confidence and a definite edge over the average copywriter. Allowing my work to fall under the scrutiny of someone who never misses a thing, providing that prestigious final proofread and quality control tick before the client gets to see it.

Copywriting techniques to overcome the “what if” dilemma 

Thirdly, the use of meditation, mindfulness and spending time doing other stuff that I love. When I first started as a copywriter many moons ago, the what-ifs would overwhelm me regularly, mainly the “what if they don’t like my writing?” Such negativity can result in a copywriter burning the midnight oil and eventually drive her crazy. Fast-forward a few hard slogs, late nights and angst and slowly, but surely, the testimonials began rolling in. The same clients (some big names in Gibraltar business I’ll have you know,) came back for more of my copywriting craft. 

A copywriter for all Gibraltar copywriting requirements in Gibraltar 

Now I have clients as diverse as real estate, lottery and gaming organisations, the automotive industry and, more recently, tech start-ups and software development companies. What I love most about my job as a Gibraltar Copywriter is the research; delving deep into a subject to uncover that pertinent detail that will make a write up on an otherwise unexciting piece stand out and get the reader’s attention. Research is my passion and attention to detail is what sets me apart from the rest.  

I overcame my fears and became the best Copywriter in Gibraltar.

Excuse me for blowing my own trumpet. However, the fear, the nerves, the uncertainty and the lack of confidence are emotions we all feel at some point. The difference between a successful copywriter and a failed (making ends meet by working in the marketing department of a life insurance company,) copywriter is the ability to overcome the negatives and take a massive leap of faith. 

Now I stick to the plan and let my passion shine through in my words – your favourite Gibraltar Copywriter is on top form.

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