Real Estate Marketing, website copy and blogs

Real estate marketing, articles and blogs

It has to be every copywriter’s fantasy to write copy for a real estate client. My dream came true when I worked for a well-known estate agency in the south of Spain, providing real estate marketing.

The best part of the job for me was the unpredictability of each day, from providing in-depth descriptions for a range of different properties from small townhouses and rural fincas to sprawling ten bedroom villas.

At the time of commission, the company was emerged in a complete rebrand and my role spanned every aspect of the rebranding exercise, from content creation including detailed and descriptive website copy and blogs about the industry, to writing articles about extraordinary areas, promoting tourism, travel, nature and wildlife.

My artistic tendencies also led me into action creating contracts, impactful social media posts, press releases and bios for team members.

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