Do I need a blog for my business?

Do I need a blog? Yes, you do!

Let us talk more about the importance of why businesses need a blog.

The power of words, written creatively and appealingly draws readers in, helping a business stand out in a crowded online marketplace.

Blogging allows you to reach out to existing customers and connect with a prospective target audience. A blog is definitely a benefit to any business. Still, it is crucial to be consistent, keep the content fresh, current and relatable.

An engaging, well-written blog will, in turn, attract new readers, a sure-fire way to increase traffic and, in turn, sales.

My website has everything, so why should I bother with a blog?

The main issue for many businesses, once their website launches are it tends to lie dormant.  Soon the content is static and becomes uninteresting once read and does not bode well with search engines.

Keeping a blog up to date, with impactful images, links to services, continual updates about products, industry news and company gossip and titbits.  Up to date content will have your readers returning time after time to find out what is going on.

Do I need a blog manager? Hiring a blog manager will save you time and elevate your website and sales above the competition. A great blog manager will work closely with your business to create regular, custom-made features for your site. An excellent blog is one that is kept updated, at least twice a month depending upon your requirements. The aim is to work on a strategy that reflects your business, be it fun and light-hearted, or sober and industry-specific, or an eclectic mix to keep things interesting.

What good does a blog do for business?

As an example, a tool hire company may wish to blog at least four times per month covering many issues, for instance, a highlighted specific customer pain, providing answers on how a particular tool can assist with solving problems. A question and answer topic session is popular with this type of industry, with a “how-to” blog on specific tools and their uses.  A blog of this nature has customers regularly returning, engaging them with current trends, and plenty of links to other topics, social networking pages, and contact pages. Such a blog can help a business flaunt its level of knowledge, expertise, and authority on industry-specific subjects. After all, when a company has a great product or service, then bragging rights automatically carry for the privileged few.

The above example is a good one illustrating the importance of customer engagement. Contributing your time by demonstrating case studies with solutions but without the hard sell will stand you in good stead.  By providing sound advice, in a friendly, non-pushy manner offers a good experience, thereby gaining you well-earned loyalty from satisfied customers.

I don’t have time to blog, what can I do?

Many small businesses do not budget for a blog manager, a sad issue when we contemplate the importance of regular blogging. A company has to compete in a voracious environment where the fight to rank high in Google is hard-fought. A great blog manager will ensure each blog has well-researched keywords enabling the business to keep a close eye on search engine tracking.

This is where I come in! Hiring me as your freelancer to manage your blog will save you time, resources, money and set you apart. My specialist knowledge covers a variety of industries and I have a wealth of digital marketing skills.  Most of all I would love to discuss helping your website stand out.  Contact me today

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