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Proofreading is, essentially, a fresh and objective pair of eyes, and an excellent tool for maintaining accuracy, consistency and, overall, enhance communication with the reader and significantly improve overall observations of writing aptitude.

Our proofreading services include spotting previously missed mistakes; correcting spelling, grammar and formatting errors.

Our services are targeted specifically towards individual authors, website owners and large corporations.  Proofreading and editing are crucial to the success of any written project.

Even the most skilled writer will make mistakes, resulting in a negative impact for the reader and distracting from any prospective message conveyance.

Our expert team of proofreaders have the necessary skills to tackle any written project, from white papers to press releases; we make sure it is free from any spelling errors, grammar issues or formatting problems.

Our services range from complete website examination, ensuring all information regarding products, services and general information benefits from a systematic check and revise, to academics and authors, providing a thorough examination of papers, dissertations, first to final book drafts. We pride ourselves on our ability to spot errors.

If required we provide extra services such as copyediting, involving a more detailed level of proofreading, offering in-depth analysis and feedback on the style of writing, i.e. consistency, repetitiveness, accuracy, language issues, check links and sources and suggest remedies and tweaks. Common issues we find include the overlap between US and Oxford UK English spellings and style of writing, execution in style of writing, for example mixing third and first-person narrative, words correctly spelt, but contextually incorrect causing confusion to the reader. Commonly, creative writers misuse or misunderstand punctuation and it’s these little things which make all the difference between a well-written and poorly written piece of work.

For that extra personal touch, we use Loom Video to give detailed feedback and explanations as a complement to our written comments and views.

Feel free to contact us to discuss any of our proofreading services in more detail. We are more than happy to respond to any queries.

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