Need more sales? Consider a case study.

Need more sales? Consider a case study

Spreading news and information about your business is essential for creating awareness of a product or service. Mainly where your product or service has succeeded in overcoming a hurdle a customer is experiencing.  A high-quality case study will provide beneficial leverage for press releases, apt for sharing on social media, customised for strategic marketing pitches; the benefits are endless.

A comprehensive, well-written case study, crafted by a proficient freelance copywriter, will undoubtedly help promote your product or service, provide a competitive edge, create precious new prospects and help win more business.

What does a case study do?

By writing a case study, you are effectively telling a story about your product or service, providing a unique insight and upmost understanding, in particular how it helped a customer with a specific issue. In turn, a case study successfully demonstrating and endorsing your product will build trust with new clients.

My particular style of writing makes use of impactful headings, the first thing people read, drawing readers in and improving leads. Headings and titles will include crucial keywords, researched and used carefully to convey optimised language about the subject matter, using catchy phrases to generate immediate interest.

How I write a case study

My immediate task before commencing a case study is to glean as much evidence to support the case, including valuable facts and data. This material is gold dust to the case study, as it will allow me to qualify, quantify and help readers fully understand the product or service. Secondly, researching your industry, seeking out similar industry case studies gleaning practical lessons to help strengthen your brand and increase sales.

Wherever possible, I like to insert a couple of punchy quotes, singing praises from an existing user or customer, describing how a product solves an actual pain. Quotes provide real-time action direct from the shop floor where the manufacturing process takes place or in interview form, speaking to the director of the company, providing an opportunity for subtle bragging rights with an informative insight into the product or service. Using quotes in this way offers a pop of interest, entertaining and influencing the reader while highlighting the effectiveness of your product.

Quotes act in the same way as testimonials, and act as the voice of your customer, consequently fostering a foundation of trust and credibility.

Conducting a case study also provides an opportunity for business owners to take a holistic look at the company, analysing each aspect of the whole running process from sales to social media. A case study provides not only a useful marketing tool but also a unique chance to rethink short term and long-term business goals, aspirations and intentions.

A case study will set your business apart from the rest, by demonstrating an in-depth, practical understanding of customer requirements highlighting the success of your business in creating solutions.

What will a case study feature?

Case studies focus on customer success stories and provide a powerful impact on attracting prospective customers, in turn, influencing company sales in an upward trajectory. Customer success stories help to gain the confidence of the reader and influence their decision to come on board and engage with your company.





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