Merry Christmas from the team at Tracy Jennifer

Merry Christmas from the team at Tracy Jennifer Copywriting Gibraltar

It is that wonderful time of year again, Christmas.  The past few months at the offices of Tracy Jennifer Gibraltar copywriter has been hectic, so much so that my blog has taken a bit of a back seat.  My creative juices have been flowing for my many wonderful clients, including a Canadian vegan shoemaker, a globe-trotting music journalist, an Italian film producer, a couple of exciting UK automotive projects,  and writing copy for a web design company based in Gibraltar, my very own (overseas) territory!

Everyone has a blog, so it is important to keep a blog fresh

It is often the case with professionals, that their own enterprise suffers from neglect!  I always love to tell people about my dad, a carpenter by trade, who jumped on the bandwagon during the double glazing explosion in the 1980s. Everyone in his street had lovely new UPVC windows and doors courtesy of my hardworking father. Every house, except for my dad’s house.  My poor mum had to put up with the original Victorian leaded windows and front door. Guess she had the last laugh when original windows and doors became the trend a few decades later!  Ugly plastic gave way with stunning original Victorian wood eventually winning out against the plastic.

But for me there is no excuse, putting pen to paper, digging out the Thesaurus, curling up in the armchair and penning words is my favourite pastime.  But when you spend your days writing for others, often a good novel will take the place of pen and paper whenever there is a spare moment in the day.

New Year’s resolution – keep blogging, keep my website updated

Not one to make silly New Year’s resolutions, I prefer to set a few goals, the usual hit the gym harder, eat healthier, and keep my blog up to date!

2020 is looking busy, but I always welcome new enquiries into various projects, including copywriting, editing, proofreading, case studies, blogs and articles, to name a few.  Whatever industry you need copy for, gambling, automotive, real estate, legal, commercial – get in touch and discuss it with our team of copywriters.

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