The Gibraltar copywriter tunnel of light

Its 2021 and your Gibraltar copywriter works at home

Its 2021 and your Gibraltar copywriter works at home

Calling all best Gibraltar copywriters: work from home in this pandemic

It has been a short while since I wrote my last blog, so I thought I would sit down and give my avid Gibraltar copywriter readers a quick recap on what’s been happening since I last penned an article for the Tracy Jennifer Gibraltar Copywriter website.

Not going to lie, for many of us, and particularly us copywriters in Gibraltar, 2020 sucked and 2021 looks to be a continuation of this pandemic-ally challenged situation.

It’s true: COVID sucks

Luckily, (if only for the copywriting industry,) there is always a demand for automotive copywriters, real estate copywriters and, of course, blog copywriters plus many more exciting industries to write for. The only difference is copywriting from home rather than my inspirational copywriting office.

This copywriter in Gibraltar needs only a desk and laptop

Working from home comes with various challenges.  Add to this stressful environment children, barred from school and made to study at home; nightmare. I pity the parents of small children, trying to keep them focussed on their studies. Teenagers are no walk in the park, as I am sure many will concur.

Take it from me. I lost my two wayward teenagers some time ago to the addictive allure of the dreaded mobile. It is certainly easier, when trying to create content in Gibraltar, to simply give in and “let them get on with it” rather than continually cracking the proverbial whip.

Technology has saved a copywriter in Gibraltar, but what about the kids?

The hope is that those technological restrictions placed on them by their worried parents over the years will kick in at some point. We can only pray they take it upon themselves to raise their messy heads from the perpetual sanctuary of their lockdown beds and do something that does not involve watching the latest shenanigans on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram.  I am not holding my breath.  Who misses the days of yore when mobiles did not exist?

At the risk of sounding old, if this pandemic had occurred during the 90s, my gang would indeed buck the trend and break all lockdown rules.  I can envisage us sneaking out to party in a car park, a graveyard, a mountain top, or somewhere the police wouldn’t find us. Irresponsible? Of course! Young and restless? For sure!

We are not locked up, we are locked down

As sentient beings, not programmed to live in isolation, this is torture for many people, especially those not accustomed to sitting about. That is why we have jails, to lock up bad people. Taking away our liberty is the biggest punishment the authorities can dole out.

We never thought we would be denied hugging and kissing loved ones, and we daren’t shake hands with a new friend or work colleague. How much longer can we be denied simple pleasures previously taken for granted; the beach, the park, the restaurant, a long cold drink at our local after work on a Friday evening?

Why are they doing this to us? To save lives of course.

We all know it. Elderly and sick people will likely die or fall seriously ill if they catch this virus. The fit and healthy are the ones spreading it without realising and the hospitals will not (cannot) cope. As a nation brimming with positivity, we can take this situation in our stride, making the most of lockdown to not only create amazing copy but to cook, read, play games, binge on Netflix and find ways to keep sane with the likes of online fitness gurus and plan Zoom nights with those relatives separated from us by COVID.

Final words from your freelance Gibraltar copywriter

I like to think that the planet is having a quiet lockdown and reset button of its own. The oceans around Gibraltar look cleaner than I have ever seen them due to the lack of cruise ships polluting up the local waters.

Your Gibraltar copywriting can see the light

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, hopefully, sooner than later things will return to normality.  In the meantime, think of the money we are saving not going out. Oh? Takeaways? Well someone has to do their bit for the economy.



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