How it works

If you need a copywriter or content writer, here is what you need to do to take your marketing campaign to the next level.

1) Initial enquiry and informal chat

Contact me by your preferred method, Skype, telephone, email, fill in the form on the website.
After initial discussions, I can provide an estimate of costs and, if you are happy, we can proceed to the next step.

2) Specification layout

Where we flesh out particulars of the subject, your business, target audience and your aspirations for the project. You can advise on the technical requirements and deadlines. We will leave no stone unturned!

3) Quote

Once we have the spec all finished I will send out the quote breaking down the charges, for example, research required, length of the document.

For straight forward blogs, articles, brochures, I have fixed fees based on word count. There may be instances where a particular technical document may require an extra level of in-depth research. In these instances, it is preferential to break it down and quote on a per-project basis.

On fixed fee projects of, say 500 words, there will always be an element of research, two revisions and proofreading, These costs are included and not extra.

4) Confirm

If you are happy with the quote, we can proceed. I will email confirmed spec, timeline and price and I will, of course, remind you about my terms and conditions, with a link to said ‘t&c’s.

5) Touch Base

Depending on the nature of the copywriting, I may need to keep in touch with you for feedback, perhaps after the first two or three paragraphs to check you are happy with the progress. I always welcome constructive criticism, after all this is your project and I want it to be 100% perfect for you.

6) Finally

I tweak and subject the final draft to thorough proofreading before sending out to you, along with the invoice for payment within 14 days.