Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from your Gibraltar copywriter! It has been a restful and well-earned break from copywriting, particularly automotive copywriting in Gibraltar, website copy in Gibraltar and blog writing in Gibraltar for a variety of my clients!

Every Christmas I feel the same emotions as the year ends. A mixture of euphoria at Christmas, whimsically nostalgic at New Year’s Eve, and optimistically hopeful for the year ahead.  Looking across social media feeds, I notice many friends and relatives sharing similar feelings, especially those that have suffered illness, loss, or bad luck; with a new year brings fresh hope and optimism.

From a works point of view, I found some valuable time to finish those automotive copywriting jobs, work was quite demanding and, as a result, it was our first Christmas in Gibraltar.  For the past six previous Christmases we have relaxed and celebrated in Spain, either Malaga or A Coruna where we have friends and lovely places to stay.

Christmas in Gibraltar was interesting from the point of view it is very British (although most of the shops and businesses have a strong history of Muslim or Jewish families,  with a rich tradition of business ownership here in Gibraltar).  Still there is that oh so typical British merriment forced down one’s throat from around the end October.  Everywhere you look – Christmas decorations, gifts, the Christmas fair playing Christmas songs on auto repeat, and plenty of merriment at the watering holes!

Having experienced this previously when we lived in the UK I felt a hankering towards the more subtle, understated but very traditional Catholic Spanish Christmas experience where the main event is the many Belen nativities scenes drawing thousands of people, and astonishing displays of city lights here and there, especially Malaga!

Regardless of our location we had fun with family and friends. One highlight was a new family board game, that had six of us howling with laughter and frustration, if you haven’t already heard of it I highly recommend “Can you Roll Doubles” from the “What Do You Meme” game creators.  If you are a wordy person like me you will love it, but expect cheating from some contestants, or, as they would call it, creative thinking!

From the team at Gibraltar Copywriter we hope the New Year brings all that what you wish for, be it a healthier environment, career goals, health, love and happiness and a successful marketing campaign!

As the lights go out on the old year, and a new dawn greets us, let us create some meaningful changes to improve our lives and surroundings.  Rather than the typical resolutions, let us make profound and worthwhile decisions for our future, and stick to them.

2020 will be about creating meaningful blogs, articles, white papers, case studies and web copy.  If you need help to reach your New Year online digital marketing goals drop me an email.


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