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Living and working in Gibraltar has its fair share of advantages including convenient amenities. For a Gibraltar copywriter who needs to work out after a hard day at the Gibraltar copywriting desk, the range of fitness facilities on offer impresses. From indoor and outdoor swimming pools and running tracks to state of the art fitness centres and rock climbing, Gibraltar has it all. After three years of trying to keep reasonably fit and healthy, especially with the never-ending array of fabulous dining opportunities on offer, here is a roundup of my experiences with a few of Gibraltar’s gyms.

Who knew Gibraltar has a “Council Gym”?

Gibraltar boasts several fitness centres and, when we first moved here three years ago, I spent a fair amount of time researching.  At the time, starting my own business as a copywriter in Gibraltar, I wanted the cheapest.

Speaking to a resolute gym enthusiast about affordable gyms he snobbishly referred me to the “council gym”. His pet name for this gym conjured up images of dank, disrepair and outdated equipment.  Gibraltar’s “council gym” is a far cry from anything how you would imagine a council gym, whatever that is. Instead, it is a gym run by the Gibraltar Government, located in Gibraltar’s stunningly historical King’s Bastion. A defensive fortress, with state of the art gym equipment, and plenty of it!

Spread out over two floors; the upper floor contains two spacious rooms with modern cardio machines including numerous cross trainers, treadmills and bikes, sufficient for even the busiest periods. There is also a large room with mats for stretching, yoga, skipping etc. and yet another room with a couple of spin bikes and rowing machines.  Also on this floor are the reception and changing rooms, all perfectly clean and serviceable with four good showers and lockers in the ladies changing area.

Work out in military history style

Head down in the basement of this impressive fortress to four more rooms dedicated to weight training.  And a large outdoor area with ropes, climbing frames, enormous tractor tyres for cross training. The gym is one of the largest and cheapest in Gibraltar and excellent value for money. When I joined, the membership was £30 per month, for unlimited use any time of the day. They offer fantastic facilities at an unbeatable price. Perfect for those dedicated to personal fitness regimes.

It is a friendly and well equipped gym except for one thing; for those who love classes, there are no classes. Which is a real pity as they have the space for classes, but they do offer first class personal trainers at an extra cost.

Gibraltar gym pricing strategies

Looking around Gibraltar for a gym offering fitness classes, they do exist in abundance.  The pricing at Peak Gym attracted me to investigate further. Situated at the end of Main Street, much smaller in size, making it an intimate and friendly team where you soon become part of the Peak Gym family. They are not the cheapest but, by the law of economics, the more you sign up, the lower the price. So for £122.55 for three months, this works out at £10 a month more than King’s Bastion, but with the bonus of plenty of results-driven fitness classes. With such a variety of addictive fitness classes, I rarely venture upstairs to the fully stocked weight training and resistance machines room!

The one drawback of Peak Gym is the size of the fitness studio. It is diminutive but mighty, with a maximum of 8 people at one time.  Hence when jumping about in Zumba or flailing arms with jumping jacks an element of care is required not to knock out your neighbour.

Booking is essential as classes are a firm favourite for many. In particular, spinning with indefatigable Laura who I have nicknamed “the headmistress” due to her bossy nature. Don’t dare try to sneak your mobile phone into class! Every spin instructor has a speciality, and Laura’s is killing it for 30 minutes and 10 minutes of lively and amusing distractions. Laura also does the most spectacular Zumba class where, despite being Lithuanian by birth, her Latin dance moves have us sweating away the fastest hour of the day.

Having tried every single class on offer, I have narrowed down my favourites; spin, circuits, Zumba and the recently introduced boot camp.

The classes are pretty badass as I discovered when a friend persuaded me to try out another local fitness centre, Ocean Village. Ocean Village fitness facilities are second to none, with state of the art cardio machines and resistance equipment and ample space for a variety of classes. There are three gyms in the same Ocean Village group, located in different parts of Gibraltar, including the Sunborn and Atlantic Health Club with various pricing strategies depending on if you want on/off-peak, single gym membership or all three.

Ocean Village fitness centres attract the most beautiful people of Gibraltar, and all super honed and entirely made up in designer sports kit. I booked into the spin class and found it disappointing in comparison. Of course, you can work as hard or as little you want in any spin class but, for me, some motivational element was missing. After one particular spin class, the instructor commented that she could see I was a pro, whereas I had only previously ever done spin at Peak for about six months! This comment confirmed my doubts and left me wondering about my future membership options.

Locked down and locked out of my gym

Along came COVID-19 and lock down and there was no way back into any of Gibraltar’s fitness centres. After three months of trying to keep healthy with cycling and walks to the very top of the Rock, I decided to return to Peak Gym when it re-opened, and it was like coming home!

As I mentioned, they are one big bossy family, don’t try to miss a class or they will be on you like a metaphorical ton of weights. Like an addict, I return each day, sometimes doing back to back classes, to mostly great music, (although I do question the music tastes of one or two instructors.)

Ultimately, we join a gym to get results, albeit to lose weight, tone up, feel better, and Peak Gym has an inescapable approach of constant motivation which in itself is addictive. The founders justifiably have bragging rights to an incredible success story in the world of professional bodybuilding.  They bring a wealth of knowledge and information to Peak Gym along with personal training, supplements and nutrition advice, fitness apparel and indomitable professionalism.

From the fittest to the weakest, you are made to feel welcome.

Joining is simple, keep an eye open for special offers, for example, no joining fee, and you can participate without any long term tie in, come and go as you please with single class or gym facilities payment, monthly or annually. You become part of their Facebook and WhatsApp groups and, when you book a class, they expect you to turn up and approach your work out seriously.

Sure, there are plenty of excellent gyms in Gibraltar, and I would love to try them all. But in my humble opinion Peak Gym offers everything and more so I’m content to remain a part of this bossy family for the foreseeable future!

Quick recap of gyms in Gibraltar

To surmise, if you are a local or a visitor you will love what the Government has provided in terms of an excellent spacious gym with all the facilities it could muster. It is friendly, convenient and reasonably priced. If you don’t particularly need fitness classes, then head to King’s Bastion.

Alternatively, if you are beautiful, toned and muscular and want your gym to match your sleek style, then show up and show off at Ocean Village.

If you have a fitness goal in mind, want hardcore classes and a healthy body, then it’s the motivational team at Peak Gym all the way.

See you at the Gym

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