Lead copywriter delivering a clear message for Gibraltar

Part of my role as a Gibraltar copywriter is to grab new opportunities with both hands when they present themselves. Recently a growing start-up in Gibraltar, “City Guide” asked me to come on board as one of their team of writers, providing content for their newly launched online Gibraltar magazine.

Red pillar-box epitomises the status of Gibraltar as an overseas territory of the UK

The Magazine sought a passionate SEO-savvy Gibraltar lead copywriter. After reading blog posts and magazine articles I had previously created, they felt I was an excellent fit to help produce a clear picture of social and cultural events, local politics, travel articles, local news, and highlights for Gibraltar.

One of the joys of the City Guide Gibraltar organisation is being part of the editorial team, getting out of the office to meet up with my fellow creative team members, brainstorming and picking apart the Gibraltar social calendar for exciting storylines and action plans. The team incorporates an insatiable appetite for reporting and is the core of City Guide Gibraltar Magazine.  We like to think we strike that perfect balance of smart and funny.  

The Magazine and app offer a great deal to visitors to Gibraltar. My role is ensuring that the team obsess about what is trending in Gibraltar and write about it. In addition, we encourage via the City Guide social media platforms Gibraltar locals and visitors to add to our conversation, offer feedback on breaking news, opinions, featured activities, fashion, dining, arts, entertainment, local discounts and deals. All of this helps us grow the Magazine and provide an incomparable service to the community and its visitors.

Read “secret diner” reviews

We are excited for the future, to make an impact, to tell the stories of Gibraltar and bring to the journalistic landscape thought-provoking content. Check out some of the articles written by the team and myself. Disclaimer: The identity of the “secret diner” remains unknown, even to myself! 

Food review, by City Guide Gibraltar’s secret diner:

Gibraltar 5G live event, debating the safety of 5G in Gibraltar:

Review of the Sunborn luxury yacht hotel:


Gibraltar’s Barbary Macaques

If you are looking for a destination to explore history, culture, beaches, shopping or simply have fun, Gibraltar is the place to visit. Located at the southernmost tip of Spain, dominated by the forbidding and iconic Rock of Gibraltar. This tiny country attracts millions of visitors all year round, due to its pleasing Mediterranean climate and fascinating military history and attractions, the most famous being the Barbary macaques.

Locating the best activities and sights of Gibraltar can be overwhelming, and that is why we have the City Guide Gibraltar App:



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