My long-established career as a writer has led me down this path to helping others who lack time to get down and creative for marketing purposes.

In ‘today’s fast-paced business world, it is challenging to keep on top and abreast of every new marketing trend and strategy.

Your primary focus is on other entrepreneurial matters.

Time is precious when you are leading a team, making important decisions, spending vast amounts of time running an empire and paving the way to success.

Writing is time-consuming. , and writing content that stands out sets you apart from the competition, hits the love of search engines and attracts new prospects is incredibly challenging to do well.

Myself, I love to write, since my days in university, sitting in the library reading law, researching and constructing first-class essays.

My goals have always had the reader in mind. My copywriting work to date has never failed to please.

You can rest assured that my small team and I have a range of skills, including technical and commercial, and experience in producing persuasive copy that clients love to read.

  • My legal background

    Transferring a law degree, together with a professional legal background to my creative writing career, has provided me with an advantage over many competitors....

  • My recent professional experience

    In addition to the attributes of academic qualification is many years of well-rounded business experience including seven years copywriting for a corporate digital organisation in the UK. ...