An overview of how a whitepaper can help your business

Do I need a whitepaper?
An overview of how a whitepaper can help your business

Possessing an academic and working knowledge in law plus running a business and working for many years for a software development agency gives me a certain edge. Overall, my background provides me with a variety of skills. I can create a range of complex technical documents, including high-quality and effective whitepapers.

An eloquent whitepaper, although technical in nature, is a crucial piece of marketing material. It will take some time and effort to get it right but has far-reaching advantages. Once finished, a whitepaper is an excellent document for repurposing snippets of content into individual blog posts or impactful social media statements, in turn increasing customer engagement and drawing in leads.

In this respect, a whitepaper is an impressive document to deliver a formal message about the company to investors and stakeholders, while reutilizing relevant headings and interesting snippets of information such as facts about products and services into blogs and social media posts.

Whitepapers often confuse business, especially their meaning and purpose.

In legal and political terms, a whitepaper is the start of a process of passing a law in parliament; the whitepaper documents in minute detail all the elements of the proposed legislation, and is an in-depth analysis, taken from months of research and consulting.

The process, also known as policymaking, will eventually form the basis of a bill presented to the House of Commons and House of Lords for ratification.

In business, whitepapers work in similar ways, the purpose of a whitepaper in any industry is a form of marketing to raise awareness or attract investors, and its purpose is to:

  • Outline plans for the business including the MVP (minimum viable product)
  • Describe underlying technical features
  • Describe team expertise with an overview of individual team members
  • Demonstrate the business ecosystem
  • Feature a problem, remedy strategies and overall goals
  • Discuss budget, spending and accurate forecasts
  • Explore opportunities
  • Improve knowledge
  • Answer questions
  • Provide legal disclaimers and miscellaneous information

A whitepaper is an opportunity for you to describe, confidently, the quality of your project and team. Potential investors will judge you by the content of your whitepaper, hence the crucial aspect of getting it right.

In today’s revolutionary landscape of disruptive technology and ideas, whitepapers have come into their own for new start-ups and entrepreneurs wishing to raise funds via crowdfunding or grants, with millions raised for new projects or products, especially in the crypto environment.

In this respect, your whitepaper will need to be bang up to date in terms of data, current market state and future growth projections.

You know your market, your product, your target investor or customer, but you lack the time it takes to create an outstanding whitepaper.

Tracy Jennifer has a team of passionate digital experts with experience in Blockchain, ICOs and STOs, plus overall technical expertise. You can rest assured that we have the knowledge to describe in length your protocol, using balanced language (without bogging the reader down in technical or industrial jargon) to help the right people notice your whitepaper.

Our team of first-class content writers, academic and technical researchers and top-notch marketing experts make it easy for you and your readers to digest a well-defined, industry targeted white paper.

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