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Who needs free stuff? We all do! Especially website owners and blog writers.

Recently I was lucky to find a website that promotes much needed, fun, quirky info on everything new.  Including interesting articles, gadgets, apps and innovative products. It is an online incubation zone, where anyone can upload their concept and allows users to comment and vote, but gently, (comments are restricted to keep the site full of positive and relevant criticism.)

You too can get involved in this extremely active community, visit this fantastic website by heading on over to Product Hunt here.

What is Product Hunt?

OK, I am a bit late arriving at this cool party, Product Hunt is not a new site, it has been around for several years. The founders started the phenomenon of Hunters and Makers, (sounds like a Game of Thrones board game but there you go!)  Hunters are generally curators, relentlessly searching for new products to feature on Product Hunt.

There are polls, events, jobs, and it is growing daily. It is addictive because it is a fascinating website to waste away some coffee break time and be entertained. I like to think of it as a cross between Pinterest and Reddit, but with more interaction and significant opinion, and, an immense amount of products, projects and start-ups with which you may wish to want to get involved.

Impressive collections and themes draw us in, along with daily emails popping up in the inbox to remind us to check out the latest amazing offerings.

I have to say it is a cool site and I, for one, cannot believe it has taken me so long to find it!

Some of the best things in life are free

I mentioned freebies, and this aspect of the site particularly excites me as a writer. Everyone must have heard of Unsplash by now, too right. This fantastic website provides access to much of the world’s most superior and high-quality images, free to download and use for sites, articles, brochure design. In fact, the limits are endless. Any photograph used from Unsplash will add a touch of expertise and allure as Unsplash only accept images that meet their very exacting standards. The fact that 1000s of new images uploaded daily allows for an ample supply, enough for sharing around.

According to the informative low down on Product Hunt by, I feel I may have been outed as one of:

A majority of “consumers” who don’t add content – be it product submissions or comments. They either lurk and/or upvote products.

Having access to quality free images, graphics, illustrations is hugely refreshing, especially so when much of the creative designs are unique, smart, colourful and, ultimately, inspiring, (after all, it got me writing this blog!)

So let me share some of the links to free resources so you too can browse and grab some inspiration for your creative online writing, or perhaps print off and stick on the wall! The best thing that happened to me today is discovering that some things in life are indeed free:

  1. Open Doodles is a quirky and lively collection of hand-drawn vector illustration doodles, offered by the exceptionally talented Pablo Stanley. What I love about Pablo is his sincere desire to share his brilliance and his modest and understated comments to the praise he receives. Check him out here.
  2. Illustration Gallery is a part of the excellent design service provider Many Pixels. Illustration Gallery is a small but rapidly growing gallery of royalty-free customisable illustrations, ranging from the Great Pyramids to daydreaming. Check out their project enhancing drawings here.
  3. Absurd Design offers what you would expect from their company name. Ideal for apps or landing pages or if you require a striking image to aptly describe a metaphor or hypothesis, these black and white images offer a touch of surrealism with their, well, absurd design! If your website, app or copy requires a bit of weird creativity, hop over and have a look at some of the free offerings here.
  4. provides a vast library of free resources, from a ginger cat to an animated hourglass icon.  It also presents free music, photos and memes. The offerings are bountiful and generous. Explore, find and get inspired. Visit and download icons for whatever type of project you are working on.

Grab a coffee and peruse at leisure

Really, this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to free stuff on Product Hunt if you are a start-up and looking for inspiration, be it free vector illustrations, images, and icons, project management tools, growth hacks, marketing resources.  It is also a great space to get involved, keep up to date with current trends, tech and topics.

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