Copywriting for Gaming and Gambling

Winning Copywriting for the Gaming Industry

Copywriting for the gaming industry, a controversial but oh so exciting sector has opened my eyes to how an industry can evolve and reinvent itself repeatedly to ensure it stays at the very top of its game!

Despite the bad press it can sometimes receive, the heart of the gambling industry continues to beat loudly, contributing millions to the economy.  Researching for various topics, from Guiness World Record lottery wins to the best online scratch cards, has given me an in-depth knowledge of this fascinating industry.

Having had no previous knowledge of gambling as a player, but having the benefit of living in the vibrant capital centre of Gibraltar, my remits have led me down the long worn path of gambling history.  Articles I have created include ancient lottery rituals involving corn stores, raising funds for museums, right up to present day online scratch cards and eye watering progressive casino jackpots.

Most of the content created by myself has been blogs for community lottery organisations, in particular a lottery organisation raising money for health related causes and much needed community projects, covering issues regarding responsible gambling, the best lottery games and promotional products, always with search engine marketing at the forefront of each project.

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