Services and pricing

What do you expect from a copywriter?

Work carried out by an experienced copywriter will enhance any project, providing a level of skill and experience with winning, focused copy making you look professional and, most importantly, impressing prospective customers.

Why hire a professional copywriter?

Reaching new customers is crucial. Well-written, search engine optimised content will give you that edge over the competition, saving you precious time and ensuring your website performs thoroughly, and your business stands out online.

Whatever your requirements, be it website copywriting, blog writing, articles, marketing brochures, making use of a professional copywriter improves your visibility and target reach, providing that level of expertise your business deserves.

When it comes to copywriting services, my team provides a variety of options including case studies, blog posts, white papers, plus many more, turning out well researched, fully optimised, stunning copy fully representative of your business ideals and goals.

What are my rates?

Rather than post a list of fees, I prefer to get upfront and personal with you, to thoroughly discuss the flesh and bones of your project, timescales, goals and expectations.

As a matter of course, initial consultations are free of charge. What is important to me is that I understand your concept and vision and provide a firm quote based on our preliminary talks.

My quote will include:

  • In-depth research
  • Keyword research to achieve exceptional SEO
  • Proofreading, editing and two rounds of revisions to ensure we get the final copy precisely correct.
  • Article writing for online platforms

    A well-written article is a difference between a turkey sandwich and a celebratory dinner with all the trimmings. Yes, the turkey sandwich is the perfectly acceptable blog, satisfying and quick! Whereas an article is more formal with a particular style and an aim to provide your readers with in-depth knowledge of your product or service. In particular, an article will engage with your customers and impress them with your status as a serious expert in your field!...

  • Case studies writing

    Your product is fantastic, and you want to shout this from the rooftops! However, potential new customers listen more to what existing customers have to say about a product rather than what you have to say. Sometimes you have to let someone else blow your trumpet! A case study is by far the best method to show off the success of your product or service without making the mistake of focussing on yourself....

  • Gibraltar Freelancer Writer Blog

    Websites are in danger of becoming static; hence it is vital to keep it fresh and fizzing with regular new content, increasing site traffic allows you to stay in touch with readers interested in your organisation, product or service. Regular and exciting blogs will take your brand to a new level and will keep those interested customers returning, whether it is a weekly "how-to" providing solutions to problems, or gripping informational instalments sharing expertise and tips....

  • Proofreading ensuring the perfect copy

    There is no doubt that a well-designed, tactile brochure is a useful sales tool, providing a unique opportunity to influence and impress existing and prospective customers. Allow me to work with you to create a brochure superior to that of the competition. I will write clear and concise copy, explaining what your organisation is all about, outlining your mission and all you have to offer....

  • Website content writing and articles

    A professional website offers many wonderful and beautiful components, including ease of navigation and visually pleasing imagery. Everything about your website should depict and enhance the business; all it has to offer to customers and clients. I write compelling content to attract an audience. My thought-provoking content will grab the attention and keep those prospects reading...

  • White paper writing

    Whitepaper marketing is a powerful tool in today’s tech industry, especially for ICOs looking to attract investors. The term “whitepaper” stems historically from a legislative process of drafting legal bills and policies. In a similar vein, a whitepaper for an organisation is in-depth, emphasising the expertise of that particular organisation....