Blockchain, DLT, ICO and Crypto

Blockchain, ICOs, Cryptocurrenies and FinTech

Ever since Blockchain exploded onto the tech industry it has become a buzzword amongst professionals, in not only tech circles as an advanced developer platform, but also in the financial sector; i.e. Fintech, ICOs, cryptocurrencies and smart contracts; they all rely upon Blockchain technology.

A first for Gibraltar early in 2018, Blockchain technology, also called DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology), became the first technology principally targeted for regulation by the Gibraltar Financial Services Corporation due to the proliferation of crowd financing in this area.

Lucky for me to be in this exciting space at this particular time, with contacts looking for specialist content creation related to this niche DLT  technology field, what a time to be alive!

The nature of content created to date revolves around various industries including shipping, artificial intelligence and machine learning, with copy for multiple platforms including web content, articles, blogs, social networking and case studies, plus ICO reviews, white papers and business road mapping.

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